work less, do more

Exhausted bodies and frazzled minds are a recipe for disaster for entrepreneurs who have to make decisions on-the-go and keep employees pumped about work. If you want to work more efficiently, get better results and create a positively charged work space, do this first – take a break from work.

Take rest. Don’t wait to fall sick to get some rest. By rest I mean a 5-minute break from your computer screen, a day of absence from the chaos at work, a week-long holiday away from excel sheets, long meetings, deadlines, and targets. Pushing one’s mind and body to a point at which it only meets exhaustion, bodily dysfunction, and mental breakdown is the norm these days. While competing to do the best careerwise, passionate entrepreneurs often tend to forget that if we break mind and body, soon we won’t be in the competition. What good are the endless hours spent at work if you can’t pitch effectively or crack a winning idea?

With the hectic schedules of an entrepreneur, you skip lunches, forget your breakfast and by the time you reach home, you’re so exhausted that you don’t feel like getting any dinner. When you do eat, it’s often unhealthy. You don’t sleep well because you’re worried about the presentation the next day; you wake up tired, you reach work with a haggard face, you lose your cool with everyone just because there is no power and the clients are waiting, you stay late once again, conceptualizing one more strategy to save face, and reach home late on your son’s birthday. You don’t learn anything from any of this and feel trapped in the fallacy that there is something sinister about rest. Rest is anti-work, antiproductivity, anti-promotion; so you believe.

Do yourself a favor – slow down, give yourself time to breathe. Healthy ideas germinate from healthy minds. Only healthy bodies harbor healthy minds. Your body needs a break, so does your mind. Relax. “Today, a person’s life revolves around their professional work. More than anything, break from work reunites us with society. We need time to socialize. Most importantly, it gives us more energy to work with more passion and concentration,” says Rajesh Lamichhane, Chief General Manager, NLIC City Center. Indeed, an important aspect of getting rest is that it increases your productivity, allowing you to achieve better results.

“We are human beings, not machines; and even machines need rest! When we rest, our mind and body gets refreshed and we are energized for better performance,” says Rizen Khadka, Director of Administration, Kavya School. Whenever Mr Khadka travels, he feels that he comes back with a fresh mind and that his energy towards work is doubled.

Sometimes working hard won’t cut it; work smart. Working under pressure does no one any good. A rested soul is a happy soul and work places need happy employees because a happy employee is more likely to be driven and passionate about work. Rest means indulging in anything that massages your mind. It could be anything from listening to your favorite song, taking a walk in the park, a quick chat with your colleagues, a power nap, a dip in the pool, a whole body massage at the spa, a trip to Thailand with your spouse, or plain old losing oneself in a great book. Learn from your fancy electronic devices – know when to recharge!

“I am in the sales field, and am constantly traveling. It is hectic so I guess a break from a busy schedule recharges you physically and mentally and helps refocus on one’s objectives, and most importantly gives me quality time to spend with my family,” says Sudhir Ghale, Sales Engineer at Draeger Division, Central Circle Co. Kuwait.

The sky will not fall if you take a holiday. The office can run a day or two or for a week without you. Your nourished body and soul will be more appreciated because you will exude freshness, vibrancy, and goodness. Most often, ideas brew when you are resting because suddenly you are thinking from a different, unhurried, and distanced perspective. A piece in the New York Times reported that productivity and job performance increases as you spend less hours at the office, sleep long hours, and work out. Enough said.

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