The Demotivators

Are you one of those bosses you never wanted to be? Do your employees look up to you or look away from you? Are you somehow responsible for the poor performance of your staff?

An organization runs smoothly when hierarchy and chain of command are maintained. But we also know that employees perform their best only when they are given the freedom to do their work with few restrictions. There are certain ways in which an entrepreneur can do all that without dampening the confidence of the employees.

Three Blunders that Entrepreneurs Make
Santoshi Rana, proprietor of Bihani Social Ventures, claims there are three common mistakes that entrepreneurs make while working in a team.

No ‘I’ in a Team
A team is made up of a leader and a group of people. More often than not, we tend to forget the latter.
“Sometimes entrepreneurs tend to forget that the success of a venture is a result of team effort and tend to use ‘I’ more than ‘we’.
What demotivates employees the most is lack of recognition for their work. It so happens that most of the times it’s the employees who do the work, but it is the employer who takes all the credit for it,” says Rana.

No One Likes the “Hoverer”
Yes, a business becomes personal to people who have been working in it from its very beginning. Yes, it is probably more important for an entrepreneur, than for anyone else, to see his initiative bear fruit. It still is no reason to act like a control freak.

“As an entrepreneur you need to learn to let go and let the team work. Have faith in your team or have the courage to hire a team you can trust. Most entrepreneurs want to be in control of everything.

This is not only impossible to do, but it also demotivates the team because at the end of the day no one wants a boss who keeps a watch on his employees all the time,” says Rana.

No Pat on the Back?
Entrepreneurs must understand that money is not the only thing that motivates people.
“Many entrepreneurs fail to compensate their employees for the work they do. It does not necessarily have to be money, but any form of appreciation (could be just words or gestures). When employees’ ideas or thoughts are not taken into consideration, their motivation level decreases,” says Rana.

From Demotivator to (the) Motivator

Believe in Team Spirit
“Never forget the ‘we’. You cannot achieve success without the effort of your team — even if you are a genius. At the end of the day, you cannot do everything yourself, neither can you be everywhere at once!” says Rana

Oversee the Work Environment
Is the work environment hostile to one particular employee? Is someone being shunned? Is someone feeling out of place in your organization? A good entrepreneur makes sure the demotivating factors don’t come from him. But an even better one makes sure the environment does not demotivate employees.

Believe in Your Team,

Let Them Lead
“Groom your team members and set them free. Of course, you have to be there to guide them, but then give them the freedom to lead their job responsibilities. If you are always there to spoon feed them and make them too dependent on you, you will never be able to take a single day off,” says Rana.

Create Excitement Among Employees

Experienced entrepreneurs say that employees tend to stick to the jobs that inspire them. They are even willing to compromise with their salaries if t hey feel needed in an organization. The best way to motivate employee is to excite them about the work they are doing. Make sure they feel like an indispensible part of your organization. Remind them that they are needed, and that their contributions are immense.

Learn to Appreciate
“We all love appreciation; it makes us feel special. If you are ready to point out mistakes, you should also be absolutely ready to point out things that are going well,” shares Rana. Change what needs to be changed but make sure you appreciate a job well done. Just a message or an email saying that the employees’ work has been noticed motivates them, and more than that, people around them too, to work better.

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