That's how the cricket team does it!

We have seen the Nepali national cricket work as a team on the field. But there is some serious work (and fun too) that goes off the field to ensure that the players gel together.

What the Nepali team does to build team spirit is an example that entrepreneurs could follow.

Why is team spirit important?
“Team spirit is one of the most important assets for anybody involved with team sport. There has to be unity and trust among all the team members involved and everyone must be at the same line and level of thinking. Team spirit involves enjoying each others’ success and sharing failures. Cricket is a team game. There has to be co-ordination; everyone must follow team ethics and stay disciplined to achieve common goals,” says Paras Khadka, captain of Nepali cricket team.

“Players come from different backgrounds. Sometimes, there is clash of ideas and opinions,” shares Paras.
Uniting players’ goals to create a team goal is not a joke. There are challenges. But there are few that need to be addressed right away. And in the right way.

“We sit down and discuss the pros and cons of any idea, work towards it and then go for it with full energy. For every decision that we make, we take approval from our team members. We then move forward with it. There will and has been obstacles but if it’s for the betterment of the team we go through with the common idea.”

What about the off-field time?
People who play together should probably party together. The off the field camaraderie has been much talked about in cricket. We have seen international cricketers have a blast off the field. Does the Nepali team believe in non-field time?
“It’s very important to maintain good relationship outside the field. There are some players in the team who are best of mates irrespective of their cricketing backgrounds. It’s about understanding each other at personal level and maintaining that relationship. We believe that for someone to perform well, his personal life has to be stable,” says the skipper.

When the ship is sinking…
Good times are all well and great. But what about the times when team really needs each other? How does the team take the heat?
“We take both success and failure positively. It is all part and parcel of the game but we make sure everyone gives his 100 percent. Results wouldn’t matter after that. We must walk out at the end of every game with the faith that we gave our absolute best and during that period if our opponents have played better than us then we must accept our defeat, learn from the mistakes and rectify them to achieve better results the next time similar situation arises.”

“Once your commitment level is high, a team can take both success and failure in the right way. As a team, it is integral not to be too smug about the wins and too low about the losses. Learn from the mistakes and then work harder as a group,” he adds.

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