sharing is caring gone wrong: What you might be doing wrong on social media?

Social media is an important tool, it makes your presence felt. However, your engagement in the online social world does not always do well for your venture. ‘Sharing is caring’ could just go wrong if it’s not done in the right way, and could even make you popular for the wrong reasons. So, you might want to check this list to get your social buzz right, and to know what can turn you down in front of the world.

1. Opening a web page and not being out there
Pravin Joshi of RoosterLogic says “social media is a place to connect with people who can connect you to the world. If you can’t give time to what you have started you will probably get rid of all the potential customers.”

2. An after plan rather than a built in algorithm
Most Nepalis only open a web page or create a business account because everybody is doing it. But the right way to utilize this media is to think over how this media can play the social game. “Most would follow you in Facebook because they know you, but you would want them to rather know you for your work, won’t you?” says Joshi.

3. Likes do not mean the likers are fans
People assume that the likes they get in Facebook are all their fans and potential clients. “Some people like the page not because they are our fans but because we have something to offer. Certainly, likes are motivating but likes in a page do not promise a sufficient return. For that you have to work through your image and have to create a value for the work you do,” says Amun Thapa of Sasto Deal.

4. Not targeting the right people
Changing your status and writing tweets to everybody can never actually let you find the right people to get connected with. It’s necessary to be clear about whom you are speaking to and why. For example recently made a sale on their products for women on Women’s day. They shared their message smartly and rightfully chose their target –’ women who love shopping’ through their web page.

5. Dealing aggressively with customer’s critical comment
The social media is a very amusing tool. It is very transparent and public. Any discussion that happens in the web is witnessed by more than hundreds of followers. So, any negativity that lurks in your page could be a big letdown for the people who are following the page. “If there is a negative remark you have to learn to deal with it diplomatically, you should be wise enough to know that your reaction to critical statements makes an image of you and your company.”

6. Not interacting when in the social web
Opening a web page is the easiest part. But not being able to reply to the customers who really want to know about the things you are promising to deliver could stop people from opening your web page and responding to your messages. “You have to give to take. I reply to all my messages that I get for Sasto Deal by myself. It’s an important part of doing business. Taking it for granted might serve me loss,” says Amun Thapa.

7. Ignoring grammatical errors and sentence structure
Sure you are being casual but that does not allow you to make mistakes. Your little mistakes while dispersing a message to millions can question your company’s credibility. “It’s important to read your posts and status before you hit send. You don’t want to embarrass yourself,” says Amun Thapa. The structure in a sentence is also something users gladly neglect. “A thoughtful sentence will get you many followers otherwise your message is also plainly going to be ignored. You should try and appeal to your subconscious mind,” adds Pravin Joshi.

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