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Reading is learning. Many experts write about their experiences and share tips through their articles, blogs and books. Are you making use of such information?

Sometimes we fail to realize that everything we do in life helps us in successfully running a business – from traveling to watching TV to playing video games to talking to people. The term I’m looking for here is ‘experience.’ Experience is a great teacher and we all know that. So does that mean we should all wait till our hair greys to learn from experience and use it in our business? How about we learn from the amazing experiences of others? How can you do that? A simple answer would be to start reading. Read often – read articles, read books, read newspapers, read blogs.

Reading about the failures and mistakes of my personal heroes has helped me enhance my business skills whereas their success stories have always been motivational to me. A good read is my shuttle into the past and the future. Be it Sasto Deal, Sasto Book, Chhahari Production or Irish Pub; I have used what I’ve learned from reading in managing all of these businesses.

Here are four ways how reading has helped me in my businesses:

1. Investment: A big question every entrepreneur faces is whether or not to invest in a particular business. I was in the U.S for the last 5 years. In these five years a lot changed in Nepal. It would have taken me years to understand and study the market. However, there are veteran entrepreneurs like Sujeev Shakya, Binod Chaudhary and Anil Chitrakar who’ve written books about their experiences in conducting businesses in Nepal. What would have taken me years to understand, took me weeks; all because I’ve read what they had to say about the business climate in Nepal.

2. Strategies: I am an avid reader of ‘Business Insider,’ ‘Techcrunch,’ ‘Forbes,’ ‘Mashable,’ ‘Harvard Business Review’ and other business related news portals. Most of the authors of the articles published in these news websites are celebrated entrepreneurs themselves.

These ‘business gurus’ would probably charge thousands of dollars for an hour of their time. Most likely, we’d never get the chance to talk to them. But isn’t it fascinating that they share their experiences, tips and business strategies and it does not cost us a dime to read them? I can read about the strategies used by Jeff Bezos to boost Amazon’s sales and use that information at Sasto Deal. Similarly, I can read about the results from research that took years to complete and use that statistic in my businesses.


3. Story telling: One thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is that an entrepreneur has to be a great storyteller. Be it motivating employees, selling products, branding or marketing; stories never fail to captivate an audience. Do you think ‘Apple Inc.’ would be the world’s most valuable company if it was not for Steve Jobs? Jobs was a great story teller! Every product he launched, he made it sound as if the world would end if people did not buy his products. So if story telling is so important, how have I tried to excel in it? Well, the answer is obvious – by reading fiction. Fictional books have an appealing introduction and spectacular endings. And I try to do the same with my business stories.

4. Noticing Trends: What happens in Vegas does not normally stay in Vegas! If there is a start-up creating a buzz in Silicon Valley, chances are we will find out about it in Kathmandu. Chances are the business news portals I talked about earlier will describe why, when, and how the company started. And what has worked in Silicon Valley might also work in Kathmandu Valley, with the exception that localization is a must. How do you think my team and I came up with the idea for Sasto Deal and Sasto Book? I thought of including my fifth argument but since you’ve read this article till the end, I will leave this question for you to answer. How do you think you will benefit from reading this article?

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