Preeti Limbu, Prerana Joshi: Ultimate Paintball (Adventuire Sports)

They started “Battlefield: The Ultimate Paintball” when they could, promising to take all that will happen in the journey without thinking of “What if’s”.

William Shakespeare once wrote in Julius Caesar – “There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. But omitted, the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat, we must take the current when it serves – or lose the ventures before us.” These lines really came true when I acknowledged the entrepreneurs’ team behind Battlefield. The team took a start and didn’t wait for the right time to hop on. They started “Battlefield: The Ultimate Paintball” when they could, promising to take all that will happen in the journey without thinking of “What if’s”.

Setting it up

Manish Jung Joshi, Prerana Joshi, Preeti Limbu and Roshan Chamling all organizing managers at different levels in Battlefield bonded as friends while pursuing MBA from Ace Institute of Management. They began plotting for mutual business set up in the future as aspirant entrepreneurs. Preparing themselves for the venture- they started studying the market for their right pick. Struggling between two choices –Mobile food service which was by then very common and Paintball suggested by Manish Jung Joshi, they finally hit the road with the later. As paintball was unconventional and served the youth’s with instant fun and adventure without having to go far out of valley. “It was a fresh idea and having calculated all the aspects, we decided to go for it” says Preeti Limbu. Jotting down all the requisites for the times ahead; they didn’t wait anymore to start what they had in plan for years.

Learning on the way

From choosing the right markers (gun) and location for the battle, they took note of everything. “It took us about six months to come together with everything” retorts Preeti Limbu remembering their hassle at the airport when they brought markers – replicas of a real gun: Alpha Black. They also shared how they encountered problems even after staying alert. “We didn’t think the apparels for the paintball battle, would get so dirty, we came up with extras only later.” Learning in between, they didn’t hesitate to implement the necessary. “Problems find their way to us anyway, but we shouldn’t stop out of fear of being incompetent. No matter we fall or break we learn when we rise above ourselves” answers Limbu when asked if they ever felt they should quit.

Cheers of success

Battlefield organizes games like ‘Men down and Capture flag’ and exercises team work mixing it with fun. Standing tall as the first platform to play paintball, battlefield has already made its mark in the city. With their Facebook page citing more than 4000 likes, the team believes that they are here to stay. By organizing ‘inflatable – mobile paint set’ (paintball set that can be fixed anywhere), they are coming up with new ideas to meet a large audience. “We feel happy, when people come and enjoy”. Breaking the usual trend “Battlefield: the ultimate paintball” is defining a new idea of adventure sports by reaching out to all in Kathmandu.

Trends become viral easily but setting up something for the first time always faces challenge. But signing in with a concert for marketing, at their first day they took a smooth start. They also organized the first paintball tournament to be ever conducted in Nepal. A lot of people blame the country for not having opportunities but here is a team that crafted their opportunity and went by it. “People say we don’t have opportunities, but they never took a chance to make an opportunity and grab it”.

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