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Economic independence has changed Nepali lifestyles drastically. To a larger extent - for the better. One of the changes witnessed is due to the developments made in the food industry.

You come home from work, you are too burnt out to cook or go out but you are hungry beyond belief; what do you do? You order food. You have guests coming. You detest the idea of spending hours preparing delicacies for them; what do you do? You order food. It is lunch time, but you still have tons of work to finish; what do you do? You order food. Even though a few food delivery services have been in existence for some time now, the concept has still not taken root with many local customers, the reasons being the additional charge and the time taken for delivery. Is it time we reconsider?

Many restaurants have (order and deliver) services. The Bakery Cafe, KFC and Pizza Hut and many other big and small restaurants too have joined the bandwagon. So, what’s different about foodmandu.com? For starters, they have 100 restaurants on their list, i.e., 100 different menus presenting a list of cuisines from a single web address. Also, they claim to be the only online food delivery service.

Most restaurants cannot afford to have their staff deliver the food because most of these places are already suffering from a manpower crunch. Also orders are received mostly during peak time i.e., lunch hour, making it doubly difficult for the individual businesses to spare their staff.

In such a case, a service provider like Foodmandu comes handy because their only work is the delivery of ordered food. Customers can visit Foodmandu.com, select the restaurant of their choice, browse through the menu, check the price and place an order either online or by calling the customer service staff. Twelve motorbike-riding delivery staff are mobilized to make the delivery in the shortest time possible. Payment is on delivery. But there’s a catch. As the distance of the delivery destination from the restaurant you place your order at increases, the delivery charges increase too. If the size of the order is relatively small, you have to pay an extra amount. Foodmandu recuperates its cost mainly from the restaurants they collaborate with.

“We started off with 15 restaurants. Now we have all sorts of restaurants working with us, from high-end to budget restaurants, old and new joints, all kinds of cuisines, and restaurants from almost all locations,” says Manohar Adhikary, the Managing Director of Foodmandu.com. They don’t have restaurants outside the ring-road in the list as of now. “With time we will. But we do deliver till 2-3 km outside ring road.”

People normally opt for food delivery service when they have a house party, a meeting at the office, for lunch, dinner or whenever they feel like eating without having to cook or venturing out of their house. The service undoubtedly makes life easy. Yesterday’s luxury has indeed become today’s necessity. The only problem is the unavoidable and terrible traffic in the capital. Most food delivery boys encounter angry (and hungry) clients because they get to them late.

Online payment is not currently possible with Foodmandu as they are still working on the practical and technical difficulties. In addition to that, sometimes particular items on the menu that the customers order from is not available; in such cases adjustments have to be made by the clients

“We have been in business for the last three years. Earlier we were operating at a loss because our clientele was only limited to the expat community, and affluent circles. However, it has been a year since we have recuperated our operation costs because the middle class is also starting to use our service frequently. Very soon, we will be earning profit,” says Adhakary. “I always believed in its sustainability. There is immense growth possibility. All we need to do is for in e-commerce businesses to work together.”

It will take a while for e-commerce businesses to ‘prosper’ in Nepal. In the mean time, let’s order some food!

More than 75 restaurants to order from

• The order has to be at least Rs. 300 to get your food delivered

• Delivery charge for orders worth more than Rs. 600 within 2km is free

• Delivery charge for any order more than Rs. 1,400 is free

For detail delivery charge schedule: http://www.foodmandu.com/ DeliveryCharge.aspx

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