Let’s make the office make you! Let’s delve deeper inside your workspace (old, new or in construction) and experiment and optimize to achieve an ambience that inspires better opportunities for unanimous and concrete focus, efficiency and satisfaction, and unleashes a fresh germination of organic energy, control, innovation and creation.

01 (An opportunity to) Vocalize your brand image

Showcase your merchandise and advertise your brand image proudly. International brands

like DC and Marvel Comics, and local companies like Sasto Deal have incorporated a line

of their products within their offi ces akin to a showroom, as their entire business is about

pleasing the visual senses in order to sell. This is a perfect opportunity for customers (and

employees) to appreciate and be inspired by the products while familiarizing with the

founders, the brand and the company.

03 Study the light as a photographer

Be a sunflower and look closely where the light sets in to place your products, inspirational items, and accentuate colors and areas of interest. Artificial or natural light can be manipulated to enhance innate details of the offi ce to pique interest and enlarge the appearance of a small workspace.

02 A temple for the senses

Titillate the five senses to calm nerves, attract clients, and bring forth an impetus to stir up creative juices. Incense, potpourri or coffee beans for the olfactory senses while visually pleasing bold colors for the walls and furniture can be implemented, alongside neon signs and vibrant posters that can enliven the atmosphere (which can also be used for brand promotion). Free mints, chocolate and coff ee can make the ambience more casual. Moreover, you don’t need to be an art dealer to hang inspiring pieces of art. Companies like Bigcommerce ( have incorporated gigantic murals to harness creative energy and excited vibes.

04 A structure that speaks volumes

“The meeting room should be the only secluded island and there should be no separate partitions, not even for the CEO,” say the founders of Sasto Deal unanimously, adding, “This hinders effective communication.” Google has employed a “150 feet from food” rule where everyone is easily connected to a kitchen so that there are more chances for employees to communicate. Companies even add swings and bowling alleys just so employees can interact with each other and relax, and since, the new paradise is where there is free coff ee, the dreaded watercooler can be a branch for promotion and sharing goodwill, especially towards potential customers.


05 Up, under and around the desk

Learning how to effi ciently manage turn-off s such as dust, dirt, clutter, and new human plagues such as wires and cables, that move on their own volition, will save time and space, unless you follow the Einsteinian vision of a cluttered desk. Small desks, double-side tables and furniture with rounded edges can be utilized. Moreover, we should all learn from the recent tragedy at Bouddha, where a man died from dashing into a glass door. Sasto Deal has integrated tempered glass that shatters to dust if broken. Moreover, at Chartbeat, a US startup, everything is writable, even the desks and windows while Sastodeal asks its employees to bring inspiration and comforting items and put it anywhere in their office.


06 The power of vertical spaces

You’ve got glorious wall space everywhere that could have shelves on it. Save extra space by attaching speakers on the wall, or incorporate the dustbin as a basketball hoop. The color for walls in the room (even meeting room/s) can be warm and inviting or could be schemed according to the brand logo. Diplomas, letters of recommendations or achievements can be hung which can make everyone look at you in a different, positive light.


07 Thrifty is the new nifty

Inspiration can erupt from an art installation worth a bazillion dollars or a simple photo of all the employees hanging out together which costs less than Rs. 100. Furniture can be bought through bartering. Sasto Deal used bamboos for their interior decorations which is much cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing while glassboards can be used, instead of traditional whiteboards. Invest in plants; not only do they beautify the area, they also reduce stress and fi lter the air. Repurpose old items. Quirky, a US retailing company, uses old high school lockers as reception desks while Nothing, a US ad agency, used more than 1,600 feet of cardboard to craft desks, bookshelves, and office partitions.


08 Rules are meant to be broken

You need to ask yourself – “Do I even need an offi ce?” Businesses can gain a lot from a combination of hardworking employees and flexible hours. Furthermore, if you’re one of those jack of all trades, why limit your offi ce to just one venture? The defi nitions of what an office space should be like, differs like the salary of a CEO and a peon. Experiment a lot – anything can work.

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