five questions to ask interviewees

Taking interviews is just as challenging as any other official work. Choosing the best among the best takes a lot of patience and a set of perfect questions.

Interviews are most likely to go well when the interviewer focuses on asking “good questions” rather than difficult ones. The best interview questions help interviewees reveal their skills, knowledge, attitude and feelings clearly.

Ms. Jenu Thapa, Head of Human Resource Department at Mega bank, says that the questions that need to be asked in a job interview are generally of two types depending on the type of the interviewee; the fresher and the experienced. The questions that are always asked by all the interviewers include the interviewees’ introduction, their work experiences and how they came to know about the company. Besides the obvious, the following are some out of the blue questions that can help you find your “Cinderella” candidate.

1   Define excellence.
Ask the candidate to define excellence in their work. Listen to their answers carefully. Some candidates might exaggerate while some may answer modestly. If they answer with self-confidence and in a thoughtful manner, you have the right candidate at the other end of the desk.

2 Have you gotten into a conflict with a client or a co-worker before?
Evaluate the interviewee’s interpersonal skills with this question. Make sure you understand how the interviewee handled such a situation. If he/she blames it all on the other side, it’s a huge red signal. But if the interviewee takes up the blame (even in part) and tells you how he/she handled the situation, know that he/she is the one; a good employee should always be willing to admit a mistake.

3 Rapid fire questions
“What’s your favorite book? Who’s your favorite musician? What are your hobbies?” Fast and snappy questions help in determining the interviewee’s knowledge and opinion. It determines the candidate’s ability to work under pressure.

4 Are there any changes you think are necessary to be brought in our office?
The candidate must be able to fit in the organization’s environment to become productive. Ask this question to find out the candidate’s ability to fit in the environment and the ability to express an impromptu opinion. Plus, you can get some ideas for the organization itself; either way, it’s a win-win.

5 If we hired you and gave everything you asked for, what kind of offer will drive you to another organization?
Ask this question to find out what the interviewee is driven by. A materialistic, money-minded interviewee will give a rather confusing answer to either skip the question or to avoid an exact answer, but one who is driven by work will most probably give you a definite one.

Interviewees, before an interview, usually tend to practice some obvious questions in their minds as preparation. Asking unexpected questions doesn’t just test their intelligence but also their ability to think out of the box in order to react to uncertain situations. Management coach Roger Dean Duncan describes how listening quietly in an interview rather than conducting a Q&A session encourages interviewees to share more information than planned – the more you know, the better.

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