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Sometime simple problems turn into larger complications when we don’t discuss and address viable solutions. We asked some local entrepreneurs to share some of their ideas in areas they think their concept can help in resolving problems immediately.

Grow your own food

Nepal imported food products worth over Rs. 80 billion in 2012 and has been doing so in 2013 too. Today Nepalese are exporting a huge share of their income on imported food products including vegetables and daily food products. We defi nitely need to minimize our dependence on imported food by growing our own vegetables and fruits by using any space that is available around our home; we can even grow herbs and greens in ceramics. We can also help our country generate income by purchasing and supporting our own local products. – Ambesh Rajbhandari, Rato Mato Organics

Entrepreneur helpline

Nepal lacks easy access to organizations, individuals and resources that can be a support system to entrepreneurs. To start an enterprise or to scale up an existing one involves a lot of hard work and dependency on support systems such as experts, advisers, networks, markets, fi nance, and consumers/customers among others. A helpline that entrepreneurs can call for support or advice could be a useful solutioy. It can either provide a one call resolution to the caller or connect them to relevant individuals or organizations within their network, their database or fi nd one. This would solve the problem of having to know individuals at the right places to gain access to organizations. – Santoshi Rana, Bihani Social Ventures

Employees Handbook Entrepreneurs fear bringing in partners but instead they should see the benefi t of sharing equity with them. The idea is tha, when entrepreneurs reach a certain segment or market saturation, the ideal set of people could bring in capital, experience, network required for their product or services to reach a new benchmark which makes the pie bigger for them as well as their new partners. In simple words, your slice of the pie is much bigger than the entire pie you were used to. Furthermore, entrepreneurs should periodically do online searches on their names, products and services which allows a view of how they are represented online and whether it is positive or negative. The idea is to address these projections as soon as possible and notice if there is any deviation to their requirement and amplify these voices if they are in the right direction. – Brijendra R.Joshi, Startup Weekend Kathmandu

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