celebrating your way to success

Do you regard celebrating after an achievement at work as an expense you can do without? Bad idea. Celebrate your successes and reap the benefits by becoming a better entrepreneur and encouraging team spirit too.

Do entrepreneurs take risks? Yes! But, what risks constitute to an entrepreneur is not the same for a banker or a business owner. Entrepreneurs see risks without restricting them to just potential returns. Rather than money, they are concerned about ideas and execution. Business week Magazine writes that entrepreneurs are concerned with questions like will my “idea succeed in the marketplace? Can I successfully recognize an opportunity and build a business to take advantage of it?” Answers to which need to be researched and assessed for countless variables. A simple way to examine risks is by simply appraising those taken by freelancers – who want to work for themselves and founders looking to grow a company. While both these professionals face substantial risks in their respective lines of work, the latter risks substantially more. However, the brighter side to entrepreneurial risks is the greater potential of returns, specially with businesses that aim to grow.

Then the question becomes – how can entrepreneurs, the daredevils of the business community, keep themselves ‘in check’? How can they stay optimistic in the face of all their hurdles and build themselves into stronger leaders? Although many of us probably wouldn’t think of revelry as a business tool, celebrating achievements is a simple and effective way to motivate and inspire your way to greater heights.

Attitude is a key-factor, one that decides between a struggling and successful entrepreneur. A positive attitude always manifests as bolstered commitment to one’s goals. In fact, optimistic individuals have a proclivity to working harder?and facing challenges with greater calm. Likewise, multiple cognitive and corporate researches have singled out the sense of achievement as a big motivational factor. Acknowledging victories and celebrating them can become a great aide to an entrepreneurs’ method. First of all, celebrating offsets the inherent stresses of one’s ambitions. It creates a buffer between a leveled worker and insidious negativity. Even if we do not want to focus on the negative, inadvertently many of our attempts to ‘grow’ and out-do ourselves can become problematic. Often to the point where it begins to gnaw away at our self-confidence, distort reality and numb us to our actual progress. So indulging even your smallest victories can present a positive outlook and thus, excitement towards your next goal.

Business writer Laura Spencer explains that enjoying your victories need not be extravagant, “A celebration can be something simple and easy.” It can be a day off or something regimented. Whatever the case, remember the four R’s of celebration: reflection, re-focus, re-energize, re- engage and reality check, as important routines to follow.


It is always nice to get away from your mundane day-to-day routine, from your work station, while celebrating. This offers a chance to look at things from a ‘fresh’ and outside perspective. It helps you evaluate what is working for you and what is not. It also reminds you of the goals you set, why you set them and that a goal- setting process works.


As is with any new experience (i.e., your recent achievement), celebrations should also aim to re-focus your goals in light of recent successes. If you set your goals well in advance, then its best not to leave them stagnant.

Re-energize and Re-engage

Celebrations can be your fuel to the next big thing, as with mountain-tops and the valleys between, this valuable break can serve to pace yourself. It also reaffirms values, and your priorities, builds momentum and gets you excited for other celebrations in your career.

While the four R’s mostly cater to the personal, a team leader should recognize the added advantages of celebrating their subordinate’s successes. People like working for those who recognize their efforts. Meaning, celebrate in all directions when applicable. Upwards with those who supervise you, sideways with your peers, and of course downwards with your employees.

Your subordinate’s successes need to be credited. Celebrating together with employees motivates them to deliver similar results in the future. It unifies them around an optimistic occasion and tells them that they work for a successful company (or individual). It also allows you to exemplify productivity by singling out one good (achieving) employee, without worrying about stepping on toes. Enjoying a moment together shows a caring side to your employees and helps build deeper connections with the people you work with.

What you do to celebrate is important but it’s the intellectual weight behind it that defines its value. However, something effortless and positive is the best place to start. Personally, you can start by taking a moment to yourself, share – as it is the best way to multiply the happiness. Do things that you enjoy, but more importantly pick activities that are beneficial (even when celebrating with peers and/or employees) – forsake a night-out for something deeper. Plan a trip or take a hike, remember being a better worker means diving back in with even more intensity and conviction.

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