What does entrepreneurship mean to YOU, YOU and YOU!!?

1Why did we choose this as our first competition and what messages do we want this simple idea to communicate to our readers and Nepali entrepreneurs in general? We can think of at least 3 ideas:

1. Refine your thought process: There’s so many different definitions of entrepreneurship — about ten times the number of entrepreneurial projects happening in Kathmandu. Which is fine. Whatever works for the person(s). As a brand new magazine that is still figuring out how the average Nepali feels about the idea of entrepreneurship and its implications not just on his pocket but also on our economy, our culture and our lifestyle, we wanted to hear from you as many of you as possible. Which we succeeded in and which will definitely help us refine our own definitions on entrepreneurship. Thanks people!

2. Encouraging people to be more vocal: From our amazing Sherpa dais helping too many foreigners summit Everest every climbing season to the Newar crafts person who carves up fantastic stuff on wood, metal, stone and what-have-you, Nepalis are culturally and on an average quite modest people (excluding our incompetent politicians of course). Entrepreneurship can only flourish in an environment where dialogue and conversations are alive and kicking in various forms. And being more vocal is absolutely important for people to be able to communicate one’s ideas to an audience.

3. Forget about making a mistake: Your opinion is your opinion. You can never be wrong; if you think about it, really. Its your path to tread on — do it your way. If you do make a mistake, suck it up; you’re an entrepreneur, making mistakes is an important process for you that will eventually inch you closer to success. So go on, screw up, learn from it and grow.