Startup Weekend South Asia Coordinator in Kathmandu

photo_1Photo: Shuvo, who has organised Startup Weekend events in Iraq is responsible for their new Delhi office.

The Startup Weekend Kathmandu (SWKTM) core team organized an informal session with sponsors, judges, organizers, volunteers, journalists and well wishers to meet up with Startup Weekend South Asia Coordinator Sheikh Shuvo on Saturday, May 17 at the Dhokaima Café in Patan. Shuovo, who is in Nepal for some downtime with fiancé Courtney, got some trekking done on the tourist-friendly Annapurna Base Camp circuit beside exploring Bhaktapur and its most popular, all-weather delicacy juju dhau.


Photo: A group pic of the informal meet. Courtesy: Suman Shakya

Sitting in a circle in Dhokaima’s courtyard, he talked about Startup Weekend’s parent company Up Global, and about his experiences as one of the earliest team members following the popularity of Startup Weekend around the world. The organisation now has offices in the US, Brasil and Mexico among others with the newest one in Delhi monitoring activity in South Asia.

Asked what makes Startup Weekend so popular around the world, Shuvo said, “Its a volunteer-run, non-profit organisation and that draws people to it. There’s no money to be made.”

An interview with Sheikh Shuvo will be published in an upcoming issue of VenturePlus.