NCell App Camp Announces winners

The winning team: ICT for Agriculture.

The winning team: ICT for Agriculture.


After four-month long competition that was going on, NCell App Camp announced their winners on December 11 at Soaltee Crowne Plaza. The grand winner was ICT for Agriculture who had also won the thematic round for the agriculture sector. The team was led by Manish Jha. The other thematic winners included SentiNep(Opinio) with team leader Chandan Gupta for the Corporate sector; RitiRiwaj which was led by Manish Shrestha, for Education sector and Lipi, for Tourism sector led by Rupak Raj Ghimire.

The first day of the final event saw speaker sessions by international speakers like Tomi Ahonen who became a crowd favorite shared his theories about mobile technology and addressed encouraging words to the participants. The second day included mentoring sessions for the participants and the third day included pitching sessions throughout the day in front of a panel of judges that included Kunda Dixit, Narottam Aryal, Purna Bahadur Chhetri, Saurabh Jyoti, Suman Pandey, Tomi Ahonen and Tomas Martunas.

Out of 457 ideas that were pitched at the beginning of the challenge, 150 ideas had been initially selected. The next round of selection had brought out the 24 teams who would compete in the final of the App Camp challenge. The thematic winners won cash prize of Rs 250,000 each and the grand winner got additional cash prize of Rs 500000. The winners will get a chance to represent Nepal in the  International Application Challenge in 2015.

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