@Dipankha Yatra with 100,000 people


On the 18th of October, both Buddhist and Hindu devotees will be making a twenty four-hour long walk through Kathmandu valley, visiting temples and shrines along the way. The devotees will start the arduous journey from Nagbahal and visit 131 temples and shrines in the 66.5km long procession, reaching outskirts like Ichangu and Bungmati. Dipankha Yatra –as the religious procession is known- takes place when five astrological and astronomical features –Suarmas Sankranti, Chandramas, Purnima, Rewati Nachytra and Harshan Yog  and a Sunday (However, the procession is being held on a Friday this time, as such exceptions have been made in the past) coincide. The last Dipankha Yatra was held in 2062 BS, in which more than 100,000 devotees participated.






If you think this time around you want to be part of the grand procession, and challenge yourself to walk for twenty-four hours straight, you should download Kazi Studio’s new mobile app -‘Blue Horn’. The app showcases the map of the route, 43 points of aid and also helps share and connect with Facebook and Twitter. Kazi Studio’s simple approach that gels culture with technology is also a hint that traditions and modernization are not necessarily mutually exclusive.