8 logos that have inspired experts

Manish Shrestha from Kazi Studios and Kayo Siddhi from Avishkar have designed several logos for various organizations. However, there are a few logos that they have taken inspiration from themselves. Giving us an insight into what a good logo needs, they provide us with a list of their favorite logos.



It is one of the most well recognized logos of Nepal, and it hasn’t changed since my school days when it was our favorite lunch snack. It has a very retro design, that has proven to be evergreen. Their branding has been consistent throughout the years, and they’ve managed to keep the logo unchanged. Although the logo was inspired from the Thai version of the brand, they’ve adapted it pretty well with Nepali text and created something quite iconic.

Aakash Bhairav with wing ! I like how the logo incorporates a traditional Hindu god to symbolize an airline company. Aakash Bhairav is the god of the sky in Hinduism, an apt icon to represent Nepal’s national airline company. It connects a traditional symbol with a modern institution, which helps people associate the logo with what it represents.


It’s almost an iconic brand of traditional Nepal. It has a simple, authentic Nepali design. The font used to write Yak. and the way Filter is written are really perfect for the label, and almost deserves a font named after them – the Yak Churot font. Although I’m not a smoker, I can relate to the Yak Filter logo as an iconic Nepali brand. It’s not just the logo, but the entire packaging of their cigarette box that acts as their logo.

earthyEarthy Nepal
Earthy Nepal Like the name, the logo too has an earthy vibe. The company deals with organic hemp products and the leaf made in “y” represents it. It’s simple, minimal and visually appealing. The logo represents the style and nature of the company very well, I can connect with the brand very easily with the logo.

Namaste symbol modified with Telephone tower and a Sankha to represent the network range. I don’t consider it a great logs in terms of execution, but I do like the concept. The symbols use to represent the company are creative and at the same time obvious enough to voice what they are trying to represent.

Anyone in Kathmandu can relate anything purple to Ncell these days. Although the logo is actually a Telia Sonera logo, I had to include it in my top Nepali logos, because the logo is simple, articulate, and elegant. It shows how a logo doesn’t need to be a literal translation of their company name or what they do. It can just be abstract art that gives an essence of elegance. It symbolizes global and local connectivity at their costumer’s fingertips.

Not a lot of people know that the SAARC logo was designed by a Nepali artist in a competition organized by SAARC. The logo consists of seven doves, signifying the seven member countries and the sign of peace with Buddha’s eyes on the bottom and a pair of hands supporting the seven doves symbolizing friendship and goodwill. The logo has a very calm and peaceful sense to it, and captures the essence of the organization pretty well.


brBaskin Robins
If you look at the pink part in the logo, it says 31. It represents the thirty-one flavors of ice cream they have, one flavor for each day of the month. Finding the hidden message helped me connect to the brand, and it could be a way to make your brand logos more memorable and engaging.

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