10 Key Ways to Build Customer Relationship

Here are tips that every employee should master to deal with customers.

Having good relationship with your costumer is crucial for your venture’s success. Sagun Pradhan CEO of Cibo Bistro, shares some tips on how to help your employees make that relationship better for your venture.

1. Be aware about your own product
Unless you are sure about your own plans, you are always going to make mistakes. It is necessary to understand what services you are delivering and to whom. Without this understanding, you will lose the point of your business. For example, restaurants should understand their services and their food menu. They need to develop a clear idea which the customers can easily remember them for.

2. Know what message you are sending
Being clear of your motives is substantial but what is equally important is to understand how you are being perceived. The product you are putting out there should be conceived not just by you and your employees but your customers too.

3. Provide the customers with information
Transparency allows you to take your relationship to the next level. Providing information helps you to gain people’s trust. If you are able to convey the little plans you have, the customer might develop an interest for your offers. Restaurants who have a rush during lunch hours can suggest which food will be quick and still delicious for the customers. The customer then will immediately have your attention because he/she would feel important by your suggestions.

4. Customers aren’t always right
It’s important to listen to your customers, but maybe not every time. You have the right to make your choices. If they have any questions for your product or services, attending them is necessary. But do care to listen to what they have to say.

5. Empower the employees to take the decisions

It’s necessary to train your employees to be accountable and to take spontaneous decisions. In situations when the customers ask questions the employees shouldn’t make the customers wait to get their answer. Because the customers might lose interest on the subject due to the errands the employees are willing to take for one confirmation or reply from the seniors.

6. Flow of information
A lot of times, there is a communication gap between the people who you are working with. But it’s important to communicate your problems and queries to get things done in an organized manner. What if the chef decides to take a leave without informing anybody?

7. Be honest with what you are providing
Lying can do more harm than it can mend. The customers are quite intelligent as they have more options to turn to. Fooling them would mean fooling with your business.

8. Add value for your products
Discounts do not help persuade customers. It may lure them once but not always. Your product could be expensive but if you could add value to what you are delivering, the customers will forget to complain. It’s imperative therefore to give an experience to the customers that they will always remember you for.

9. Surprise your loyal customers
Hold on to your loyal customers, you don’t have to give them discounts for their attention because you already have their interest. But you could gift them surprises to remember. Don’t underestimate their value because every time they step in to your store, they will win for you 5 more customers.

10. Read your customers
Chances are you will meet one or two difficult customers out of hundred in a year. So, it’s always useful, if you can read the customer’s behavior. You can always make their time in your store or restaurant memorable. If the customer remembers you, think of how they can bring to you new clients.

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