why creating your own product is a good idea

Braindigit’s journey from having one employee to winning the Red Herring 100 Award has been about working with a killer combination of mind and heart

BrainDigit today is one of Nepal’s largest IT companies. Starting from one employee in 2007 (who quit within the first week), to 80 and growing in 2013, the company has gone through its ups and downs. The remarkable success BrainDigit has achieved in a rather short span of time is owed to a competent team and their innovative approach to work. In fact BrainDigit’s accomplishment has earned the company the Red Herring 100 award, a prestigious accolade that recognizes an IT company for technological advantage, branding, team quality as well as management experience and track record, among others. A company of this stature would not have come to be, had it not been for the vision of Nischal Man Pradhan, the CEO.

Operating out of a rented basement in Baneshwor, Mr. Pradhan started BrainDigit informally in 2007 during his final year of MBA at Apex College. An academic background in management and a strong passion in technology compelled him to start the IT service company. “I dreaded the thought of working for another company. I was willing to forego a 9-to-5 job working in someone else’s company for a 24-hour job of my own,” he says, laughing at the memory. Using his own pocket money for capital, and with a single employee, he set off to run his company.

As with most startups, it was a challenge to run BrainDigit in the early days. But the CEO soldiered on. After the company’s only employee quit in a week, undeterred, he just started taking care of all the operational and administrative tasks by himself. Soon, he got a college friend on-board.

Subsequently, an assignment from a British company reassured Mr. Pradhan’s confidence his team was able to deliver excellent output. This motivated him to officially register BrainDigit in 2008, partnering with his father, Mr. Hari Man Pradhan, who holds equal share in the company. “I was really enthusiastic about staring my own company formally,” he says, remembering the incubation days of the company. “Our team starting growing and we moved to Exhibition Road to a bigger space later that year, then to Shantinagar, Kalikasthan and finally to our present address in Gyaneshwor.”

BrainDigit used to focus primarily on providing normal service to clients based on their requirements. However, glitches in pre-existing platforms started to mar the company’s performance. “Joomla!, Drupal and other platforms were not flexible and we had to wait for days, even weeks for their support service to sort things out,” says Mr. Pradhan. To overcome such setbacks, the company decided to create its own product, and in 2010, their flagship products Sage Frame (a CMS framework) and ASPX Commerce (e-commerce platform) were conceived. This strategic move would go on to mark a new and crucial chapter for BrainDigit. The new products are now gaining momentum and raving popularity in cyberspace.

However, success didn’t come easy for them. Without expertise in programming, Mr. Pradhan was determined to hire IT experts to his team. True to its philosophy and right from the start, BrainDigit has only hired the best minds with most of its employees being engineers. An experienced team and out-of-the-box ideas have been the most crucial factors for the company’s success. Commenting on BrainDigiti’s current performance, Pradhan says, “The goals we set out with are slowly being met. We’ve achieved only a fraction of what we envisioned. 80% of our goals are yet to be realized.” He fervently believes and reiterates BrainDigit’s philosophy: Big ideas come naturally. “Innovative thoughts should not be restrained to the brain, but they should also be open to the heart,” says Mr Pradhan, elaborating on his philosophy.

A testament well witnessed from Red Herring’s nomination, BrainDigit has already secured its position as an internationally recognized and progressive IT company, most surely to drive it further towards the pinnacle of success in coming years.

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