Where do you want to eat tonight?

How regrets of missing a party gave a brilliant idea to Yellow Nepal.

Beginnings are always vague, it’s only when we are consistent that our visions become clearer. Yellow Nepal, just six months old in the app market, is beginning to pick up that consistency.

Yellow Nepal’s app Yellow helps users discover the nearest restaurants, offers and food deals, allows them to rate restaurants and lets them post directly on Facebook about their food experiences.

It all started when Anish Shrestha missed an awesome New Year’s Party in 2013. He had unintentionally stumbled upon a problem for himself to solve: there wasn’t much information available for food and party lovers in Kathmandu. “It hit me then that I could do something about it,” says Shrestha.

He adds “I knew there was a growth in technology and application software developers. So, I thought an app that would work like a yellow page for restaurants would solve the problem I had stumbled upon. Shrestha was serious about the idea, although his raw concept seemed a little simple for many when it was sprouting.

Anish registered Yellow Nepal in 2013, but the real work started after he left his job and started working on it with his partner Manisha Karmacharya. “I needed to take that risk. When I resigned from my work, the support that padded me before was suddenly removed; I had to be responsible and had to get things done to bring out Yellow Nepal as a business.” For the first six months both Shrestha and Kamarcharya gave their full time to designing the app.

Yellow Nepal’s app is visually pleasing. Unlike other Nepali apps, it’s appearance is as creative as its idea. “After six months, our idea began to take a shape, and in the process we called off many things, the idea we were holding on to before was shaping up differently,” says Kamarcharya.

Yellow as an app would locate restaurants and tell the user about their food deals, events and most importantly, their menus.
The main challenge for the app was to introduce it to restaurant operators who would have to constantly update their information. Only when their idea was accepted would the app be worthwhile. Anish Shrestha and Manisha Karmacharya then slowly headed out of their working den to meet people. They talked to restaurant owners and tried to persuade them to work with Yellow. “The app could be used as a marketing platform for restaurants. The information they share would encourage food lovers to show up at the eateries. But relaying this was quite difficult,” says Shrestha. Their first client was Red Mud Café in Thapathali.

“Yellow connects users to restaurants. The owners of the restaurants can update their information through their accounts. And both the users and the restaurants have to be active for our app to work. The challenge of the app is that it depends on how much the restaurants use it. If the restaurants do not update food deals and events and do not upgrade their menus, Yellow will be no good,” says Anish.

Yellow Nepal is gearing up for a proper launch this year. Download it now, if you want to know where you ought to be dining tonight.

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