Teaching locals 'How to Fish'

Near the banks of Narayani River, in a small VDC called Mukundapur in Nawalparasi, nine out of ten men have migrated to urban areas in search of employment, leaving behind the women, children and elderly. Bhola Bikram Thapa, with the help of a Swedish fly-fishing guide, Jonas Nyqvist, decided to train the women in making artificial fishing flies.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat forever.” This is the mantra of Sherpa Flies, a Nepali artificial fishing fly manufacturer. The fishing flies made by these women are now exported to the US and Canada. A dozen of those flies can cost somewhere between US$6-33 per dozen. And the women are earning salaries ranging from Rs.7,000 to Rs.15,000, plus bonus.




Sarkari Kamkaj Defish1mystified

The hassles in government bureaus have been a topic of discussion for almost all of us. And Galli Galli is an organization that has set out to do something about it. The private initiative aims to help individuals with sarkari kamkaj with the use of technology and the collaborative efforts of the people. Its associate website, a wiki page called ‘nalibeli.org’, collects and provides information related to processes at different government bodies and institutions. The organization’s Facebook page provides a platform for users to make inquiries regarding legal problems faced in government offices.


As a simple addition to their services, GalliGalli had a seat calculator set up on its website after the recent nation-wide election.

fish2Celestial carpets made with galaicha software

A German designer named Jan Kath has prepared a collection of carpets depicting hi-res celestial images with a little help from a Nepali made software–Galaincha. The software developed by a company called Alternative Technology in 1998, is the most widely-used software for carpet designing around the world, used in 133 countries. With all due respect to the creator of these carpets, the designer used 60 and 80 different hand-dyed colors to get the photo realism just right (most carpet use between 20 and 25 shades).

fish3Sharing Knowledge By Sharing Books

Do you have books that you no longer need, or copies with few blank pages left? Bookmandu Nepal is distributing these books and copies to students all over the country. The organization has been collecting books through its Facebook page since 2012. Recently, Bookmandu Nepal distributed 3,000 books collected from recent SLC graduates to students in Kalikot. It is also running a library in Ramkot.



fish6Demand, Supply, and now a Marketplace

Getting their apps published in Google Play Store is not an easy task for Nepali developers. However, local apps developers from a group called Semicolon Developers have started their own local app store—Apps Jhola. With the help of the platform, local developers can now publish their apps and also sell them through local payment gateway systems. It has been six months since its official launch, and the local app marketplace currently offers 28 free apps. According to Bhupal Sapkota from Semi Colon Developers, in a months time the platform will also make paid apps available on the site. Then onwards, local apps developers can sell their apps to not only local app users but also foreign users through their international payment channels.

fish4Shop Fatafatt now!

Fatafatt.com is one of the new companies to join the emerging e-commerce industry in Nepal. The e-commerce business not only sells but also provides a platform for users to sell their product. The online shop offers apparels, electronic gadgets and pet products (dog jacket, belts and dog chew). The site boasts a channel to deliver to ninety different cities within the country (delivery within the valley is free).

fish5Sunnies for You and Others

A new social enterprise, Anthropose was launched on 17 May which seeks to sponsor eye cataracts for every ten sun-glasses it sells. The venture is collaborating with Tilganaga Institute of Ophthalmology.

fish7 Automated Bike Servicing

OHO Services is offering to get your bikes serviced, and you don’t even have to step out from your home or office. They target their service to two wheelers belonging to corporate workers who don’t have enough time to spare for their bike maintenance. They pick up the vehicle, get it to servicing and deliver it back in time.

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