Evolving the Job of Finding Jobs

How did a trendsetting company in the field of human resource management start and evolve?

Twelve years ago when Santosh Bharati came to Nepal after completing his studies in Hospitality Management in Singapore, he brought with himself a novel business idea.

While living in the island state, Bharati had come across several companies that worked in the area of ‘outsourcing’. “It was the first time that I had heard the term,” says Bharati, who is now the CEO of Rolling Plans Pvt Ltd. In Singapore, he saw that there were certain companies that were providing staffers to organizations in need of people. But the people they recruited and the tasks they did were different from the regular staffers; they were temporary staffers who could be put to work with one day of training.

“I also saw the growth of human resources management in Singapore, especially in the hospitality sector,” remembers Bharati, who decided to put the idea to work back home in Nepal. This led him to co-found a company dealing with HR and recruiting, and in 2004 he started his own company, Rolling Plans Pvt. Ltd.

In the early days, organizations were not ready to embrace the new ideas of human resource management being tested elsewhere in the world. Bharati and his associates faced a lot of resistance. “Most companies had personnel or administration departments to look after the employees. The idea of HR was pretty new,” he adds.

The company had a lot of convincing to do to get others on board. Bharati and his associates got some companies to embrace their ideas, and once people saw that the model was workable, more people joined in.

As the company commemorates its 10th anniversary, it has a clientele ranging from Nepal’s top companies, to INGOs and SMEs. During these years Rolling Plans has overcome the initial challenges and grown to be more than an outsourcing company. “We not only help our clients outsource their employees, but also provide consulting services to our clients, both big and small.”

Rolling Plan also helps companies devise long-term HR policies, carry out work force planning, spot market trends and diagnose procedural deficiencies in an organization. For example, if a company is running smoothly but there are problems in retaining the employees, Rolling Plans helps devise policies to increase the retention rate.

So how does the company work with organizations from different sectors ranging from agriculture to manufacturing and telecom to banking? Well, the company has a pool of people who are experts in their respective fields. If a company requires expert help from people experienced in the field they are in, we also provide that, says Bharati.

The company is also planning to re-launch its website to connect job seekers and job providers – rollingjob.com. The web service is different from other websites of a similar kind. When employers sign up on the website, they will not be flooded with applications from job-seekers. The company only forwards applications that meet the criteria the employer has set.

As the company celebrates its 10th year, it is planning to roll out more services and become a trend setter in the HR management business.

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