Doing Business Beyond Borders

Otto Dargan came to Nepal in 2012 just to relax. During the visit, the owner of an Australian mortgage brokerage company, Dargan met Amod Niroula, an engineer-turned-finance student, who brimming with new business ideas.

After returning to Australia and spending some days thinking about doing business in Nepal, he contacted Niroula to set up a team in Nepal that could offer IT and administrative services to his company, Home Loan experts. Today a team of 15 Nepalis does just that for
the company.

Q&A with dargan

What kind of opportunities do you see in Nepal?
For Nepali entrepreneurs, Nepal is a goldmine. There are countless business models that have worked well in the West. They can be introduced here. By replicating business models that have been tried and tested, can reduce risks for entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur, what advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?
After five heavy downfalls, my sixth business is now doing well. I owe most part of the current success to the lessons I learned from the failures. Before working with a Nepali team, I had tried to setup teams in India and Philippines to outsource the operations part of Home Loan Experts. Both the attempts didn’t go as I had hoped. I believe it is important to realize that everyone who is successful now once failed. Rising entrepreneurs of Nepal need to keep that in mind.

What can Nepali entrepreneurs do to work with businesses and customers in the West?
One of the problems I noticed here is lack of effective communication. Nepalis need to learn to say ‘no’. Entrepreneurs have to be concise and precise.

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