Difficult is not Impossible

“This is where entrepreneurship comes in and becomes the next big thing for it is a savior for people in crisis and a hero who can steer changes to development.”

Andre Leonardo shares how Portugal, a country once went to an economic crisis found their solution through entrepreneurship. He noticed the change entrepreneurs can bring, and is now travelling the world to empower people with their ideas. He believes an idea can change life and courage can make the path. In the event organized by 977spark, wherein known Entrepreneurs from Nepal joined the program to listen to Andre’s discovery,

What has struck you the most about driven entrepreneurs?
Their boldness, the way they push themselves forward is inspiring. Setting flight to the craziest ideas and still doing wonders with it is what most entrepreneurs gave me a glimpse of. Even with fewer resources people are doing what they can to survive. Shailee’s Everest Women Treks, Suman Shakya’s Smart Pani, Thamel .com are all stunning examples of entrepreneurship.

Which business amazed you the most in Nepal?
The business that amused me the most is 7 summit women. Can you believe only seven women arranging and travelling back and forth mountains? This was amazing; their courage to make a business out of a challenge is simply extraordinary and inspiring.

How would your journey be meaningful for others?
It takes a lot of courage to start something and it is not money that comes in our way, but we ourselves. Each of us has the potential of starting something by ourselves. In India, I witnessed the most amazing thing ever. A college is teaching grandmothers and grandfathers because the youth of the place were leaving to find better opportunities abroad. They trained these grandmothers to be dentist and electricians. And it’s working for them. Sometimes practical knowledge becomes more important, sometimes just taking the initiative sets a better opportunity. And that is what I want to share to the world and say to them that entrepreneurship isn’t just business but a way of life.

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